About us

About Spectra Tools

At Spectra Tools Co. Ltd. we believe that only utilizing the most sophisticated equipments, enables us to produce the highest accuracy of cutting tools, and to achieve international quality standards and meet customer demands.

The tools are made of selected quality of ultra fine solid carbide grade under highly controlled production and quality inspection conditions to achieve quality and consistency in efficient cutting and longer life. Ultra fine solid carbide rods used are of the highest quality and sourced from Europe. We give utmost care on designing the geometry of the tools on advanced CAD system and also on the rigid quality control of our tools to ensure the correct geometry of the tool which is extremely vital for effective and efficient cutting operations.

Our extensive research backed by experience of over 14 years in today’s complex environment of modern manufacturing industrial processes allows us to understand better and offer effective products committed to fulfilling your requirements. Various industries and users have discovered and realize the value of our products for their complex and diverse industrial manufacturing processes. We take pride in establishing ourselves not only as manufacturers but in also in providing a Tool Management System to our customers.

We offer performance oriented cost benefitting reliable solutions vide our vast range of products to give substantial reduction in production and inventory costs and keep production smoother and perform much better.